How to Get Your Honda Accord Radio Codes

honda radio

Is your car prompting you to enter a Honda Accord Audio System code before you can use your stereo? This is serious. How will you get through your Mount Vernon commute without the stereo? Don’t panic. Our service center staff knows how important your radio is to you and they are here to help. So, we’ve put together this guide on where to find Honda Accord radio codes.



Honda Accord Radio Codes are Sometimes Found in the Glove Box

Your Honda Accord Audio System Code is often within easy reach. Open your glove box and look for a sticker that will display the code. Then enter the code into your stereo system using the preset number buttons, and you’ll be back on our New Rochelle streets listening to your favorite tunes or podcast in no time.

You Can Get Your Honda Accord System Code Online

There’s no sticker in your glove box? No problem. You can retrieve Honda Accord radio codes online at this website. You’ll just need to input your contact information, your VIN, and the serial number of your radio. Where do you find the serial number of your radio? If your Accord is a 2002 model year or newer, just turn your ignition switch to “On” without turning it far enough to start the engine. The serial number should flash on your stereo after a few moments. If your car is older than 2002, you will need to remove your radio.

Get Your Honda Accord Radio Codes from the Dealer

A Honda dealer can provide the correct Honda Accord System Code. You will need to provide the VIN, serial number of your radio, and proof of ownership. Make sure to write down your serial number and radio code in case you need them again.

Victory Mitsubishi of Bronx is Here to Help

Did you find this guide on Honda Accord radio codes to be helpful? Well, there are more tips and tricks where that came from. Check them out. While you’re here, why not check out our new vehicle specials, too? We’re just down the road from Westchester. So, drop by or contact us today.


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