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Mercedes-Benz Information

From Victory Mitsubishi

Want to learn more about the Mercedes-Benz brand? Victory Mitsubishi can help you out. You can learn all about Mercedes-Benz safety ratings, technology features, interior amenities, and more! Whether you’re more curious about performance features or infotainment and connectivity, we can help you out. We’re proud to be your Bronx Used Mercedes-Benz dealer, and we want to help you stay up to date with features and news.

Buy A Used Mercedes

The initial idea when buying a premium car is to get a new one, especially when you are looking to buy a Mercedes. But a little knowledge about the car industry would always suggest buying a used Mercedes over new ones.

Now, it might not sound like a great deal at first, but it has its own benefits that most used car buyers find quite appealing. The very common ones are the high depreciation rate in the initial year and the low cost of ownership in the later.

Because, even if you have saved enough to get a new car, the maintenance cost of a Mercedes is one of the costliest after BMW. For example, buying a Mercedes C-class would cost around $41,000 while it cost about $1000 to maintain annually. Then you have other expenses like insurance, occasional repairs, parts change etc. Also unlike BMW, Mercedes doesn’t offer any maintenance coverage for the first couple of years.

So, while owning a new Mercedes doesn’t seem pocket friendly, buying a used Mercedes Benz looks like a smart choice.

Why buying a used Mercedes Benz a better deal?

To begin with, A premium vehicle starts losing its value from the first day it came out of the showroom. With Mercedes depreciation rate of 30% in the first two year, a new Mercedes C or E class would lose most of its value in the first 3-4 years. This drastically reduces Mercedes resale value ultimately making it really affordable.

Meaning, while a new Mercedes E class is priced at $54,000, buying a used 2017 Mercedes E-class would only cost around $30,000. Also it’s a Mercedes, a brand known for amazing build quality. Anything from the engine to the headlights are built to last.

Owners of such cars also take good care of their vehicles, as you need to love the brand to own such demanding rides. Another benefit of buying a preowned car is low tax rates and insurance costs which, with time will keep on decreasing. The depreciation rate also subsides after 4-5 years, so reselling it won’t make you lose most of the money as well.

Take Mercedes GLK for example, in 2015 it was listed at $39,000, but a used Mercedes GLK today only costs between $20,000 – $25,000.

One great tip when buying a used Mercedes Benz is to look for a Mercedes certified pre-owned car. May it be a used Mercedes C class, E class, the entry level Mercedes A class or the luxurious Mercedes G-class SUV, all certified pre-owned cars are checked thoroughly for all systems and functions along with the vehicle history giving assurance of its credibility.

You can easily find such pre-owned Mercedes for sale in the pre-owned section of any Mercedes dealership. Apart from that, even pre-owned, you can still get most of the premium services offered by Mercedes for your used but new ride.

That being said, if you are confused about which one to buy, or where to look for a used Mercedes car on sale, start with your requirements list.

Which Mercedes car is best suited for your needs?

If you are somebody looking for an affordable, compact hatchback or sedan, you can look into Mercedes A-class. This entry level vehicle has 188 hp engine coupled with seven speed transmission, has 4 drive modes, luxurious interiors with compact yet slick body design. The A-class despite being an entry stands up to hold true to its badge.

In case you need something more powerful, more robust you can look for used Mercedes C or E class. With an average cost of $30,000 and $40,000 respectfully for a used one, the Mercedes C and E class are home to luxury. While the E class is larger than the C class sedan they both come with Mercedes latest tech, and have the same 241hp inline-4 engine. The smaller size of C-class makes it more agile and fun to ride, whereas the longer E-class is known for more comfortable rides suited for executive lifestyle.

However if you need something bigger and heavier with lots of power and tons of space, look for Mercedes GLE. A used GLE 450 costs around $45,000 and comes with a AMG badge. This luxury SUV is powered by either 2.0L inline 4 or 3.0 L inline 6 engines can sit up to 7 people, has 33.9 cubic feet of standard cargo space and can do 0-60mph in just 5.5 seconds, enough to make you feel the thrill of life.

Do keep in mind that all this vehicle comes in a variety of trims and varying price depending on it.

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