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The Sun breaks through clouds hitting and illuminating the urban core of New Rochelle, New York
Whether you love picnicking, jogging, or just soaking up the sunshine with your sweetie or family, there are plenty of parks near Mount Vernon that can get you outdoors and among nature without taking a weekend to the Adirondacks or Poconos. The best part about these top parks in NYC is that they are relatively easy to get to (except for maybe one, but we don’t sell floating cars… yet), whether you’re driving a zippy Mirage G4 or a fuel-efficient Outlander PHEV.

Read our guide to the top parks in NYC, from ones that have wide-open spaces to ones with lots of trees. We encourage you to check out all of these best parks for a picnic near Bronx and surrounding areas.

Prospect Park

It sounds like an old hat, but there’s no denying the charm of Prospect Park as one of the best parks for a picnic near Bronx. There’s also something for everyone here– ballfields, a lake, forested areas, a botanic garden, historical monuments, and fields to sit on a blanket and enjoy the spread.

Flushing Meadows Corona Park

Everyone knows about the gigantic and movie-friendly Unisphere, the gleaming relic from half a century ago in the middle of Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens. But there is so much more to do at one of the best parks for a picnic near Bronx and nearby areas. Like Prospect Park, there are fields, trees, and sports. You can catch fish in Meadow Lake (but you have to throw them back). There are wetland areas, too, with tall milkweeds and large azaleas. If you’re an urbanite at heart, you can watch a tennis match, play ice hockey, or attend a Mets game nearby.

The Hills at Governors Island

It’s busy, but one of the greatest parks near New Rochelle is The Hills at Governors Island. Touted as New York Harbor’s newest landmark, you and your family can take a ferry there to enjoy one of the most unique views of the surrounding cities while frolicking. There’s a 2-mile bike path, rock-climbing, a three-story slide, hiking, and some of the best sites you’ll see. The island is open daily, so bring a picnic lunch and stay awhile!

High Line Park

Another relatively new entry, High Line is another of the unique parks near Westchester in this list. The best place for a picnic on this former elevated train line is at the 22nd Street Seating Steps. There’s also the 10th Avenue Square & Overlook at 17th Street. This park is a wonderful place to explore the oddities, eccentricities, and crannies. The Pershing Square Beams at 30th Street. is a fun place for kids to play on some of the original steel beams that supported the railway when it ran from 1934 to 1980 in Manhattan.

Hudson River Park

Sun worshippers, rejoice! Come to Hudson River Park, and stretch out your picnic blanket and relax in the warmth of a spring or summer day. This green space stretches from Battery Park to 59th Street, going for miles along Manhattan’s West Side. This linear park has mini golf, volleyball, and other amenities as you go from pier to pier. Just protect your food. The seagulls might want a bite!

Explore the Area with Victory Mitsubishi

There’s more to do than just parks in the area. Get some delicious ice cream after spending your day at one of these parks. Or check out a top-rated diner nearby! If you ever need ideas, our team will have plenty of suggestions to give!

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